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Do you need transparent expert mortgage advice? Want integrity with your mortgage support? Want to know all your mortgage term options? At Integrity Mortgage, we are here to help you understand your all mortgage options. Contact us today to get started  

Meet the Team

Kim Strynadka

Kim Strynadka

Kim is a working mom and has been in the industry for over 20yrs.

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Katie Hommy

Katie is a mother of two and has been providing mortgages to people for over 10yrs.

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Kathleen Dediluke

Kathleen Dediluke

Kathleen has been in the mortgage industry since 2009.

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Kim Strynadka A.M.P.

Mortgage Broker/Broker Owner/Private Lender

With over 20 years of mortgage brokering experience Kim is a resource of mortgage knowledge, a team leader, and dedicated to helping clients find their best mortgage. When Kim bought her first condo her bank originally declined her so on the advice of her Realtor she used a mortgage broker. The mortgage broker got her an approval with the same bank that turned her down! Kim was impressed and hooked from that day on and has made it her mission to make your real estate dreams possible.


Kim likes to take on a challenge and understands that your circumstances may not be the same as everyone else. Not only is Kim a self-employed mortgage expert but she can assist you with your individual mortgage needs no matter your circumstances. When you apply for a mortgage with Kim she will guide you through the mortgage process, ensure you receive the lowest cost of borrowing and help you understand all your mortgage options.

Katie Hommy A.M.P.

Accredited Mortgage Professional and Manager

Buying her first property at 19 Katie became a believer in the value of holding long term real estate as a vehicle to build net worth. Katie has been a Vancouver Island resident for over 12 years and follows the local real estate market closely. Katie owns and manages her rental property portfolio and can assist you with investment property mortgages as well as your personal residential mortgage needs. Katie is passionate about mortgages and is a wealth of mortgage lender knowledge.


As an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), Katie takes more than just mortgage rates into consideration when working for you. Our team’s job as mortgage professionals is to strategize with you on your largest investment to get you the best mortgage for you. Your mortgage rate is very important however, the terms and conditions of your mortgage or “the fine print” are very important as well.  We want to help you decide what is important. Katie loves mortgages and is excited to help you through your personal mortgage or home buying journey.

Kathleen Dediluke

Mortgage Professional

Kathleen has been with Dominion Lending Centres since 2009 and Integrity Mortgage BC since 2014. Kathleen is very observant, has an analytical mindset and a methodical approach to determine which mortgage products work best for her clients. She helps you understand your mortgage terms and conditions to help you protect your bottom line.


Kathleen always takes your current situation and your future real estate goals into consideration while helping you decide your strategic long-term mortgage plan. Knowing all the numbers and fine print is important to Kathleen and with her experience and lender connections you can be confident that you will know all your mortgage options.

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Our Commitment to you

We are committed to getting you YOUR best mortgage!

We strive to get you your best mortgage rate for the mortgage product that works for your circumstance. Mortgage rates are the most advertised mortgage feature in today’s mortgage market. Why? Because interest rates are numbers and they are easily comparable. However knowing your mortgage’s “fine print” and restrictions can be much more important to your bottom line.

We consult with you to determine which mortgage features are important to you such as prepayment options, renewal options, and more! Contact Dominion Lending Centres Integrity Mortgage BC for a free mortgage consultation today